Practices are held every Monday through Friday throughout the season.  Swimmers are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes in advance and be ready to enter the water at their scheduled practice time. See the table below for practice groups and start times:

8 AM – 9 AM


9 AM – 10 AM



Attendance Requirements
  • Good practice attendance is expected, but we understand that families have other summer commitments.

  • Swimmers who are on SwimUnited or any other USA team must attend at least one Sea Monkey practice per week to be eligible to swim at meets.

  • If your family is going on vacation or your child is attending a day camp that conflicts with practice times you are required to contact the coaches in advance. Events planned ahead of time will be excused.

  • Swimmers on a summer USA team may attend a later or earlier practice time if needed, but only with advance notice to the coaches.

  • If your swimmer cannot attend their assigned practice time, contact us in advance and we will see if we can make arrangements.  Please do not send your child to an earlier or later practice time without asking first.

  • AS A COURTESY TO THE COACHES, advance notice, in writing, should be put in the coaches’ mailbox or emailed prior to an expected absence (please also indicate whether or not the swimmer will be present for upcoming meets and turn in and online meet signup sheet indicating so).

  • Tardiness to practice without reason or prior notice is unacceptable and regular occurances may influence the coaches’ decision when entering swimmers into events at meets. Swimmers should arrive to practice at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time and be ready to go at their scheduled practice time.

Practice Rules
  • The Ehrnfelt Recreation Center pool rules must be followed at all times, including respect of pool property, respect of fellow swimmers’  belongings, no use of foul language, spitting, or insubordination.

  • Disruptive behavior will be subject to discipline. A warning will be given the first time. If problems persist, removal from practice may incur as well as a phone call to the swimmer’s parents. If problems are not resolved, the swimmer may be subject to removal from the team (either temporarily or permanently).

  • Parents are always welcome to attend practice but should remain in the bleachers and neither interfere with nor undermine, the authority of the coach(es). If you are coming onto the pool deck, please remember to take off your shoes. If you need to speak to a coach, please do so before or after practice.

  • Any activity that may be construed as vandalism will not be tolerated. Any persons participating in any malicious act or vandalism are subject to be immediately removed from the team without a refund.

Schedule Changes
  • A practice and meet calendar is given to each family at the parents’ meeting in mid-May. If scheduling changes do occur, they will be noted on the team website and information will be e-mailed out to parents.